Artist: The Ziggurat

Calling me from Below

As I descend into the dark
I can hear the evil Wyrm calling me from below
Deep in the pit, writhing serpent
of the ancient race, the Maskim with no face

I see the lier in wait, ready to seal my fate
But I move on, further down another hall
Lead by the sound of singing in this underground temple
Inverted Babel, Kingdom of the Damned
Gate to the forbidden lands

But I'm falling into the chamber of Silence...

As the cold floor meets my back
The sirens of Eternal Black begin to surround me
Singing so loudley
As I begin to cover my bleeding ears
The songs of forgotten years
are now bringing me to tears
Unlocking my fears
I must get up to escape
I must get up...I MUST GET UP
I must get up despite the pain to run....Again!

Will I ever see the light of day again
Roaming through the catacombs
I think I'm nearing the end...
But NO!!!
More moving shadows reaching for my soul
They will never let me go

But I am still standing here...all alone
Voices from behind say..."time to go"
So I run again!