The Ziggurat - Confrontation with the Disciples of the Shadow Walker

Riding in the night, screaming for the fight
with a glint of the moon's light
the steel of our swords is shining bright...

And as we ride, we can see the other side
gleaming beyond the trees, calling us to destiny

Slowing to the hill, where the fire is burning still
ready for the kill, we know tonight their blood will spill the darkened woods
for the blackened souls

Shifting in the shadows, moving from the light
the dark ones call upon their lord
UGGAE we invoke thine strength tonight

Lining in the open fields, the army of KINGU awaits
Charge our forces cry as we head into the unknown
Ready for what may come, no matter what we will fight on

Sparks fly as steel collides
Blood sprays from the warriors of light
Null and void, our weapons are merely toys
ineffective to their spell, we know that we are....

Losing...Failing...Help us...

Great SHAMASH bring forth the sun
Help us in our time of need
Bring forth the dawn

Climbing the horizon, igniting the sky
the old one has brought the dawn
now the evil will subside.....