Artist: X 7ears

Tears From a Tie

I. Prelude (I Welcomed You)

Even before you were born
I has been standing here for a while
And when you got here
I welcomed you

II. Heaven's Rage

Ages went by
You created many things
Selfishness is what comes with you greed

I don't know why
You destroyed my home and dreams
That's why I can't let you sow these bad seeds

I'm against you thoughts
And what you believe in
And what you defend

I'm everything around you
I'm the water, the heat
And everything you feel

You can see me in the fire
You can see me in the earth
You can see me in the water
You can see me in the air

III. The End of the Beginning

Yesterday, we were the best friends
Today (we only know each other)
And tomorrow, we'll be the worst