X 7ears - The Cold Blooded


He sees the light shine in the sky
And hears the sound of a promising fate
He's sure that things won't ever fail
The wind of change is blowing

Grains of sand taken away
All is dust, it's vanishing
Forever's gone he's reached the edge
Frozen tears meet the cold blood

"I will never leave you
You're the one who saved me from the darkness
I can watch the world with the wings you gave me"
He's falling...

He's trying to find a word to speak
Someone who cast away his misery
A way out from the maze where he's in
Pictures turn into ashes

The sound of hands turning the page
The old book and the story never ends
Afraid of ghosts that'd never be
Crawling with the last of his might

"Don't ask me to forget you
I'm the one who's falling into loneliness
I no longer have the world in the palm of my hands"
He's dying


Sailors saw the secret lands, the worlds unseen
The stars above pointed us the code of life
The gods of time gave us blood and led us to consolation

(How) How can we ever tell them the sky is no longer blue?
(How) How can they stop to believe the lies they were told?

Towers crumble before the eyes of the king
In a minute he sees the arrows kill their knights

He raised the scorpion
That would drive the sting right in his back
And taint his honor
Looking up in the eyes of the traitor, on his last breath
"We shall meet again"


Trust - He thought he knew the partner by his side
Deception - A hidden filthy plan to burn down the fortress
Deceit - The eyes of peace and promising salvation
Hurt - The sharpened blade is coming down to do the work

Out of the maze
He cleaned the the mud off his face
He's feeling alive

Anger - he's face to face with his enemy
Cold - he's got to keep the strengh to stand the task
Blood - he washed away the shame and brought his honor back
Despise - he sees his tears in someone else's eyes


He sees the light shine in the sky
And hears the words of a promising fate
He knows that things will never fail
He celebrates the start of a new life

"I'm here to stand by you
You're the one who'll take away all my sadness"
Now he spreads his wings to see the world awaiting
He's rising